Do you need to register for Pay as you earn (PAYE); UIF and SDL with SARS? We can register your company for PAYE / UIF / SDL in the quickest possible timeframe. You can be located anywhere in South Africa and we will be able to assist and complete the registration process with ease. Just complete the form below and we will contact you to assist.

All employers should be registered for PAYE/UIF/SDL with SARS.


PAYE : Pay as you Earn – Employers must deduct income tax from qualifying employees, employees earning within the qualifying tax bracket in which tax must be deducted. This tax (Pay as you earn) must then be paid over to SARS on a monthly basis before or on the last working day before the 7th of the following month.

UIF: Unemployment Insurance Fund – This amount is partially deducted from the employee (1%) and the employer also contributes 1% of the employee salary. UIF deduction is capped at a certain amount which changes as per SARS’s intuition. The UIF deducted is declared and paid over to SARS en declared to the department of labour.

SDL : Skills Development Levy – These funds are used by SARS to promote learning and development in South Africa.